Packing Tips for Moving Home

Help make your move a stress-free experience, with these packing tips from our professionals!

If you’re moving and plan to do your own packing, use the following packing tips to make things go smoothly:

  • Refer to our Moving Checklist and get yourself a plan of action, along with a handy timeframe to work to!
  • Start packing things that you don’t use often right away, so you’ll have less to do at move time.  You’ll be surprised by how much of your stuff you don’t use regularly.
  • Don’t waste time and resources packing things that you know in your heart you don’t really need or want.  Now is the time to purge!  Consider having a garage sale.  Alternatively, we work with several wonderful charities who will collect unwanted clothes, furniture, belongings, and even food on the day of the move, and pass them to people in need.  Give us a call to learn more about these amazing programs!
  • Never pack flammable items or non-admissible items. Check Recycle BC, and dispose of them safely.
  • Check our Moving Tips page, for some helpful packing tutorials. Do you know how to pack a box correctly? Are you sure?
  • List contents and the room that the box is destined for on the outside of the carton, so that you don’t have to shift boxes around too much when you arrive at your new home.
  • Clearly mark “Fragile” on the outside of cartons containing anything breakable, so that those boxes get extra-special treatment on move day.
  • Use clean newsprint paper. Old newspapers may work, but use them carefully because the ink might rub off onto your items. If you’re moving with A1, we can provide clean newsprint paper, along with everything else you might need.
  • Write “Open First” on cartons containing essential items such as cooking utensils, toiletries, etc.  You might also consider putting such items in clear, plastic boxes, so you can quickly see where those essentials are hiding without having to rummage through first.
  • Separate breakables from non-breakables and be sure that heavier items are packed below lighter items.  Let’s keep those boxes stable!
  • Consider the overall weight of the boxes.  Pack dense, heavy items, such as books into smaller cartons, so that they’re manageable.
  • Pack all cartons tightly, so that things don’t fall out or shift around during the move.  Packing tightly, with ample cushioning will help protect breakables.
  • Use professional packing tape. Masking tape isn’t strong enough to support fully packed cartons.
  • Choose wardrobe boxes, to move your clothes.  They make the process so much swifter and more convenient at both packing and unpacking stage.  Plus, using our specialist wardrobe boxes will keep your clothes from getting too creased up.
  • Did you know we can provide special packing boxes for plasma and flat screen TVs?  Likewise for artwork and sculptures.  Don’t take risks with your valuables – contact us to find out more about our custom crating services.
  • Keep your most treasured items and valuable documents with you for the move, to ensure that you have them to hand and can access them whenever you feel the need.
  • Bear in mind that unpacking to your full satisfaction is going to take time.  Don’t try to rush the process.  Clearly label the items you’ll need on a daily basis, and have them delivered to the appropriate room, so that they are easily-accessible.  Then, you’ll be able to relax, take your time, and unpack everything else at leisure.

If you’re moving with A1, we can provide good quality packing materials. Or, even better, get us to do your packing for you. It’ll take the strain off you and you can be sure we’ll do it right!